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What We Do

Archlight is a premier provider of information risk management, cybersecurity, privacy, data governance, and regulatory compliance consulting services

About Archlight


Archlight-FZCO is a local services firm based in the UAE and a premier provider of privacy and security compliance services with an intimate understanding of the local culture and unique challenges faced by organizations in the UAE and GCC&MENA regions.

Archlight-FZCO partners with only the leading vendors of security and privacy solutions through its ‘Trusted to Protect’ brand promise.

Archlight partners with Meditology Services as a delivery partner in the MENA region.

Archlight-FZCO’s maintains a large network of healthcare experts and strategic contacts in the UAE and Greater GCC area.

Archlight-FZCO’s team possess a vast network of a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in the healthcare privacy and security field serving the largest US healthcare organization both on the provider and payer sides.

Archlight-FZCO is dedicated exclusively to healthcare and supports hundreds of healthcare entities globally for their security, privacy, and compliance programs.

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Archlight serves healthcare organizations and business associates ranging in size from small, individual medical practices to large, complex national healthcare providers and payors. Our extensive experience with strategic, operational, and technical elements of healthcare security programs uniquely positions us to truly understand the challenges you face every day.

Our subject matter expertise in the healthcare regulatory environment allows us to act as advisors to regulatory agencies on information security, privacy and HIPAA compliance matters.

Our team has decades of experience in information security, information privacy, and digital transformation efforts with extensive experience in healthcare security and privacy. Our team of
experts have a variety of certifications including; CISA, CIPP, CDPSE and ISO27KLA.

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